Windows Client

The PhoneTrack NexGen Windows client application can be used on any NT based operating system (Windows XP or later). It is used for monitoring in real-time all calls, create new reports, print or export reports and to remotely configure all PhoneTracking Servers (PTS).
The “Call Browser” is used to monitor in real time any call across your operation. Multiple sites can be filtered out and will be show according to your access rights.

All available reports can be executed by clicking on the report icon bar below the main menu or by selecting them from the menu.

When selected the report will present you any options that are applicable.

Reports can be created and maintained in the “Report Generator”. Reports are created by dragging available fields from the left to the right and by specifying for each field: If the field is a label or an aggregate, if they are sorted, if they are hidden or visible, the field size by dragging the cell in the data grid below, what criteria they must met or if the user should specify this criteria at run time. All reports can be saved to the database or to a local file for personal use. Reports stored in the database can be personal, ie. only the creator can access them, or they can be made public: all users can access them.

All PTS servers can be managed remotely from the Windows client (as long as the user is a AD administrator with access to all PTS Windows Hosts).