iOS Client

The PhoneTrack NexGen Backend Server can be used on any NT based operating system (Windows XP or later). It’s a fully integrated stand alone Web Server that is easy to migrate and operate. Simply install it on the required machine and run it. Specify the required port you wish to use, fire it up and you’re done. Users can now connect from anywhere with their iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) by using their usual account-user and -password.
Multiple instances of the server can also be used, perhaps one for Internet and one for Intranet Access.

The PhoneTrack NexGen Mobile for iOS client is used for monitoring in real-time all calls and print or export reports or manage and use the centralized Phonebook Contacts.
Phonebook contacts can be called directly from within the iOS client.
The “Call Browser” is used to monitor in real time any call across your operation.

A detailed call detail record is presented.

If the CDR is linked to a Phonebook Contact you can access it right away. Alternatively can you search for a Contact yourself.
Phonebook contacts will also provide you with calling statistics and graphs.

All available reports can be accessed also from your iOS client.

Dynamic reports can be customized before execution.

The report can then be previewed or send to an e-mail recipient.

Reports are returned in pdf format so that you can even print them to a AirPrint enabled printer nearby you.