Welcome to the download section.

Here you can find all installation files you need to install the PhoneTrack NexGen system.

PhoneTrack NexGen Database installer (includes MS SQL SERVER Express): PhoneTrackNexGen_DBv3.3.0_INSTv1.1.0.exe
PhoneTrack NexGen Applications Installer: PhoneTrackNexGen_APPv3.4.1.1680.exe

As a general rule, always install the database prior to any application. The PhoneTrack NexGen database can be installed by using the “PhoneTrack NexGen Database Installer”. It lets you install the database onto an existing SQL Server database or onto an “SQL Server Express Edition” locally. The installation process is fully automated.

Afterwards can you install all software with the “PhoneTrack NexGen Applications Installer”. Please use the “custom” installation option and select the modules you require. The “PTS Server” module and “Windows Client” are required as a minimum (the first installs the NT Services that process the CDRs and the later one is required for initial configuration and user management).

The provided software can be used for evaluating PhoneTrack NexGen for 30 days without any restriction except that the Web Access Server module requires a commercial license. The PhoneTrack NexGen Backend Server for iOS devices can now also be evaluated for 30 days!
To evaluate please leave the registration information blank and press the “register” button when prompted for registration.
Please use the “Quick installation and configuration guide” for assistance.

For inquiries on commercial use or for installation support, please contact

Please download the latest “PhoneTrack NexGen Applications Installer” and install the latest PhoneTrack NexGen Backend Server for iOS, whenever you update your iOS application.