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Welcome to PhoneTrack NexGen.

PhoneTrack NexGen is a call accounting application with state-of-the-art features and great scalability. Its versatility makes it useful for small companies with 1‐10 phone extensions, up to great companies with thousands of phone extensions.
PhoneTrack is in continuous development since 2001 and has evolved into a call accounting system that can be used with virtually any mix of PBX brands (for example but not limited to: Siemens, Lucent/Awaya, Alcatel, Samsung, Panasonic, Elmeg). The system is based on a central database where Call Detail Records are stored and processed. This makes it ideal for companies with multiple branches and PBXs allowing for call accounting to happen from any location but with the possibility to access information for all or only specific sites. And this according to access rights given to the application users.

Processing of information can be scaled up to an unlimited amount of servers. The processing is done by a set of NT Services that compose a single processing server (PTS). The system can consist of 1 up to unlimited processing servers (PTS). Each PTS can process CDR information from up to 10 different PBXs. PhoneTrack NexGen PTS servers can connect to any kind of PBX that is sending a Call Detail Record in ascii form over a serial com port or a TCP/IP server or client socket. The configuration of this functionality is a matter of telling the PTS what preconfigured configuration sets to use. In these sets you simply define what communication kind is used. Although the system comes with preconfigured sets for commonly used PBX, any kind of PBX protocol can be configured on the call accounting side. You do not need to adjust the CDR protocol on your PBX!

PhoneTrack NexGen can do call accounting by using the Units provided by your Telephony Provider or it can be configured to use “Time Charge”. By using the later all calls are analyzed as to their destination which is then associated to a cost per time frame, thus producing the call cost. Especially this feature is useful in cases where the Telephony Provider cannot provide you with units, but you are required to produce a cost (Hotels, Pay-phones).

PhoneTrack NexGen reports can be produced and generated by users and then published to other users. The system comes with a set of preconfigured reports, but an unlimited number of other reports can be created by yourself to suit your individual needs. A published report will appear automatically on any client connected to the system and having, of course, the required access rights. A Report Automation system let’s you prepare badges of reports, configure every report action (Print, Export or e-mail) individually and then execute them by one click.

A centralized Phonebook can be used that will even be populated automatically if the resolver service is used. This feature will essentially create automatically a Phonebook with all your business associates and clients that can be accessed from anywhere you are (via PhoneTrack NexGen Web Access or PhoneTrack NexGen on iOS devices).

The application features a strict user management system, where groups of users or individual users are assigned to specific access rights. These rights can be individual Forms, Menu Items and Sites and are categorized by all client systems installed in your setup (PC Client, Web Access and iOS Client).